Juliette Lemoine



Two exceptional and accomplished new voices on the Scottish music scene, Juliette Lemoine and Chris Amer together explore traditional Scottish music with originality, energy and depth. Since launching her SAY Award Long-listed album ‘Soaring’ with a sold-out performance at Celtic Connections 2023, cellist Juliette has continued to cement her status as a trailblazer, progressing and redefining the cello within Scottish traditional music. Chris Amer plays a unique 5-string theorbed tenor guitar and exemplifies a thoughtful, musically intelligent playing style. As a unique duo, their live performances are an immersive dialogue characterised by rich emotional colour, close interaction and vibrant spontaneity.

Chris Amer

Scottish guitarist and composer Chris Amer plays with a tasteful and distinctive style, developing an original sound characterised by space, texture and carefully chosen notes. Playing electric guitar and a unique 5-string theorbed tenor guitar, Chris’s playing comfortably sits on the ever-blurring boundaries between jazz and traditional Scottish music. His latest release is a series of original multi-tracked guitar works under the series title ‘Making Peace With What Is’ (2023), inspired by time spent in an extensive library of historic photographs taken by his Orcadian Grandfather. Chris holds a undergraduate degree in Jazz and a Masters degree in traditional music from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and has collaborated with musicians including Ryan Young, Fergus McCreadie, Mike Bass, Fiona Hunter and Scott Wood.

‘Music that invites you to journey’ – Folk Radio UK


Juliette Lemoine

Juliette Lemoine is exploring and redefining the cello’s role within Scottish Traditional Music. She recently burst onto the Scottish music scene with her debut album ‘Soaring’, launching with a sold-out headline performance at Celtic Connections 2023.  Her emotive compositions weave through Scottish Traditional, Western Classical, and Jazz genres to create a highly personal new voice, with her debut album recently reaching the Scottish Album of the Year Award 2023 long-list. Juliette is fascinated by the cello’s potential to take on a lead melodic role in a traditional music context, in the way a fiddle typically would, and finding ways to retain the same fluidity, bowing style, ornaments and authenticity. She is the first cellist to compete in the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year competition. 

‘A seamless fusion of Scottish traditional music and jazz’ –– The Arts Desk